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Formula for
Return To Work
CSG November 2016 Presenter: Stuart Cross, Occupational Health & Safety Unit Manager, Yarra City Council

Winning Formula For Return To Work

Presentation by: Stuart Cross, Occupational Health & Safety Unit Manager, Yarra City Council

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A new approach to injury management helped Yarra City Council achieve a 40% reduction in standard WorkCover claims and a WorkSafe Employer Excellence award in 2015.
Stuart Cross outlined the actions the Council took to reduce workplace injuries and assist injured workers in rehabilitation and return to work. The result in just one year was a 55% reduction in lost time days due to injuries and a 46% reduction in injury occurrence rates. It also translated into a $400,000 saving in Yarra City Council’s annual WorkCover premium.
He also discussed how the Council is maintaining these results and making further improvements to their new OHS model in relation to injury management.

The presenter:

Before joining Yarra City Council in 2009, Stuart worked with CGU in Safety & Risk and Injury Management roles. Prior to that he was with Corporate Health Management. He studied Human Movement and Exercise Rehab at Victoria University and has an advanced diploma in OHS.

Trade or
CSG October 2016 Presenter: Leo Ruschena, Senior Lecturer OHS, RMIT University

Safety: Trade or profession?

Presentation by: Leo Ruschena, Senior Lecturer OHS, RMIT University

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It’s both trade and profession, according to Leo Ruschena, Senior Lecturer OHS, RMIT University and Chair, Technical Committee of the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board.
Leo talked about how safety education and accreditation are going through a process of major reform. This includes developing a uniform system of knowledge, accreditation of universities and certification of individuals. This has led to some confusions and gaps, including problems with the role of TAFE in safety education and certification.
He also discussed the current (controversial) move to ‘professionalise the profession’, which will require safety professionals to have accreditation the same as engineers, doctors and accountants.

The presenter:

Leo Ruschena was previously Director of Human Resources at WorkSafe Victoria and before that held senior roles in human resources and OHS with several utility companies. He has bachelors degrees in chemical engineering and economics from the University of Queensland, a Masters in Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene from the University of London and a Masters in Industrial and Employee Relations from Monash University.

CSG September 2016 Presenter: Professor David Caple OM

Managing fatigue: getting it right

Presentation by: Professor David Caple, OHS Consultant and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Ergonomics & Human Factors, La Trobe University, David Caple & Associates

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Fatigue at work can present significant risks, with fatigue management policies covered in OHS regulations and industrial agreements.
But Professor David Caple questions whether our current arrangements are dealing with it very well.
He discussed shortcomings in this area as well as looking at some less well understood implications of fatigue. He also highlighted the increase in fatigue problems with white collar workers.
David said fatigue has physical, psychological and cognitive effects which can apply in any role in the workplace. This makes it important for OHS professionals to see it not only as a safety hazard but as a wider workplace wellbeing issue.
“We don’t always appreciate the cumulative impact of fatigue, or the poor quality of sleep people are getting today. We’re now in a generation that celebrates extended work hours, lives with round the clock digital activity and sees long daily commutes as normal,” he said.
David talked about increased understanding of the psychological, emotional and cognitive cost this is having on people, as well as the impact on their physical health, and whether awareness of this should lead to changes in the workplace.

The presenter:

David Caple, who has a background as an ergonomist, has been a leading figure in occupational health and safety in Australia for many years. He has advised a wide range of businesses, industry groups and public sector organisations and worked with Australian and overseas governments on work health and safety strategy. He is an OHS consultant and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Ergonomics & Human Factors, La Trobe University.

What Safety
Looks Like
CSG August 2016 Presenter: Rocky Armstrong, Group Manager, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, AusNet Services

What safety success looks like – across industry sectors

Presentation by: Rocky Armstrong, Group Manager, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, AusNet Services

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What are some of the key things successful organisations do to achieve a high performance in health and safety? How would your workplace rate?
This was discussed by Rocky Armstrong, basing his observations on his experience in his current role and previous job as Asia Pacific Head of Safety with Linfox, the international logistics and supply chain company.
At Linfox, Rocky was involved with a wide range of safety programs in companies across different sectors, including BlueScope Steel, Unilever, Tesco, bhp Billiton, ExxonMobil and more.
He talked about lessons and insights this gave him on safety strategy, leadership and culture.
Rocky also provided a scorecard with key elements of success and invited the audience to participate in a self-assessment exercise based on their workplace experience.

The presenter:

He is currently Group Manager, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality with Ausnet Services, the energy delivery service business that owns and operates Victoria's largest network of electricity and gas infrastructure. He previously worked with Linfox, and was Asia Pacific Head of Health and Safety. Linfox has over 20,000 people operating in 10 countries and is exposed to a diverse risk profile. Rocky completed tertiary studies in science, occupational health and safety and management before completing his MBA at Melbourne Business School.

CSG July 2016 Presenter: Greg Splatt, National HSE Manager, Johns Lyng Group

Rethinking incident investigation

Presentation by: Greg Splatt, National HSE Manager, Johns Lyng Group

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How well do we carry out incident investigations and how useful are they?
This issue was explored by Greg Splatt, a former detective with the Victoria Police Force and experienced risk auditor and safety professional now working in the construction industry.
He believes traditional incident investigation models used by the safety industry often fall short.
He also questions how much value is derived from the results of investigations. This is important as incident investigation is a vital part of improving safety performance.
Greg discussed investigative techniques used by detectives for crime and traffic accidents. While some of the methods used in safety investigations are similar, Greg says the follow up and resolution are often different.

The presenter:

Greg Splatt has spent many years as a Safety Manager in the construction industry, and is also a trainer in various OHS courses with the Master Builders Association. He has experience in all areas of construction and is an experienced safety systems auditor and incident investigator. Prior to working in OHS, Greg was a detective in the Victorian Police Force.

CSG July 2016 Presenter: Tiffany Plummer, Aggression Coordinator, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

Workplace aggression – prevention and management

Presentation by: Tiffany Plummer, Aggression Coordinator, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

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Workplace aggression, or occupational violence, is an issue today for many organisations that deal with the public.
Tiffany Plummer discussed the problem and strategies to help prevent and manage it at Central Safety Group's meeting on the 14th June, 2016.
She is responsible for programs at St Vincent's to train employees in aggression prevention and management strategies, and investigates critical incidents of aggression.
Tiffany also runs programs to help strengthen the resilience of hospital employees. There is an increasing call for such programs as healthcare workers and other service providers today deal with a decline in civility by the public.
St Vincent’s Hospital has been a pioneer in strategies for dealing with occupational violence for 20 years, and Tiffany’ current role was created in 2010.

The presenter:

In addition to her role as Aggression Coordinator Tiffany is also coordinator of St Vincent's Hospital’s successful Star Program for peer-to-peer support. This program provides employees with trained colleagues to help them deal with stress in the workplace. They are available 24 hours a day to offer one-on-one support to workmates experiencing stressful events, provide information and referrals and facilitate team debriefing sessions e.g. after the death of a patient. Tiffany has been with St Vincent’s Hospital for 27 years, working as an Emergency Care nurse before moving to the OHS department.

and the
Crane Industry
CSG May 2016 Presenter: Brandon Hitch, CEO, Crane Industry Council of Australia-CICA

Safety and the crane industry

Presentation by: Brandon Hitch, CEO, Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA)

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As cranes have grown larger and more complicated so have the safety challenges.
An insight into how the industry works on safety with operators and companies was provided by Brandon Hitch to Central Safety Group on May 10, 2016.
He also provided an interesting insight and overview of how cranes worked, and where the risks lie.
Brandon discussed some prominent crane accidents and their causes, and extensive measures being taken to help prevent such incidents through initiatives such as the mobile crane industry’s Cranesafe program.

The presenter:

Before being appointed CEO of the Crane Industry Council, Brandon was General Manager of the industry’s Cranesafe program, overseeing the technical and day to day operations of the program nationally. Brandon joined CICA four years ago after working as a senior engineer for companies in the USA and Australia. With bachelors and masters degrees in engineering, he is registered as a chartered engineer with Engineers Australia and is a licensed professional engineer in the USA.

A More Direct
Approach to
CSG April 2016 Presenter: Sylvia Hudson, Manager, People Safety, Health & Wellbeing at V/Line

A more direct approach to safety (V/line and its employees)

Presentation by: Sylvia Hudson, Manager, People Safety, Health & Wellbeing, V/Line

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Having a safety strategy in place is not enough – what can you do to ensure employees are aligned with it?
Sylvia Hudson outlined a different and more direct approach being taken by V/Line, Australia’s largest regional public transport operator.
She discussed her organisation’s new “Destination Zero” safety program and the reasons why it was needed. It is a program that has to serve a workforce ranging from highly skilled technical personnel at head office to drivers and signal operators and to track work gangs in remote locations across the State. Sylvia described how V/Line is working to strengthen its employees’ connection to safety, responding to issues revealed by workplace surveys. This includes using simpler language, changing the subject emphasis and balancing the human element with the focus on compliance.

The presenter:

Before joining V/Line in late 2014, Sylvia was responsible for safety at Citywide, which delivers physical services to councils, mainly along the Eastern seaboard. Prior to that she had a national safety role with Visy and has worked in a number of manufacturing organisations, such as Trico and GM Holden. Sylvia has spent time working in the warehousing, transport and distribution sector and has experience in developing a Safety Management System for a greenfield operation. Sylvia’s passion for safety first developed while working as a shoemaker in a manufacturing plant, complemented through time spent as an HSR. This led to her studying for a safety qualification and becoming a full-time safety professional in the 1990s.

First Aid
CSG March 2016 Presenter: Stephen Dowling, Corporate Manager Health, Safety, Rehabilitation and Wellness, ESTA 000 (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority)

Frontline stress and mental health first aid

Presentation by: Stephen Dowling, Corporate Manager Health, Safety, Rehabilitation and Wellness, ESTA 000 (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority)

Presentation package now available (members only)

Few jobs are as high pressure and stressful as that of Emergency 000 operators. They deal constantly with life and death situations, often working with distressed, panicked and confused callers.
Helping them handle the stress of their job is the task of Stephen Dowling, whose role is focused not only on physical safety in the workplace, but also on reducing the risk of psychological injury and mental health.
Stephen talked about his work with the 000 team, and discussed strategies for helping employees in stressful frontline situations with the use of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA).
He outlined what was involved in MHFA training and why workplaces should appoint people to this role as they did physical first aid officers.
Stephen also discussed intervention strategies for managing psychosocial risk in the workplace.
Stephen has been a leader in dealing with workplace psychological injury for many years and helps a wide range of organisations and industries around the country to develop systems that ensure employees get help when they need it. Stephen believes lack of knowledge and stigma about psychological injury can prevent people from seeking help early, and limit the ability of co-workers and managers to provide mental health first aid to their workmates until appropriate professional treatment is available.

in the Digital Age
CSG February 2016 Presenter: Glenn Parker

Safety compliance in the digital age

Presentation by: Glenn Parker, Civil Engineer, Donesafe

Advances in software and mobile devices are bringing a revolution to safety management systems. Just how much things have changed was discussed at Central Safety Group's meeting on 9 February, 2016, by Glenn Parker, a civil engineer and software specialist, who is responsible for taking to market the DoneSafe system for safety compliance which can be run from a mobile phone.
This Australian-developed software is now getting attention overseas as well as continuing to grow locally. Its users range from tradies to organisations with thousands of employees. Glenn talked about what inspired the system, how it works and what it covers.

The presenter:

Glenn, a civil engineer and software specialist, is responsible for taking to market the DoneSafe system for safety compliance which can be run from a mobile phone.


Next Event


A Visual
to Inductions

CSG April 2024 event - Troy Winn, WHS Manager, Simonds Group - A visual approach to inductions

A visual approach to inductions

Presented by: Troy Winn, WHS Manager, Simonds Group
Event: CSG Hybrid Lunchtime Presentation -via zoom or in person

Date: Tuesday 9 April 2024, noon
Non-Members welcome to attend

A visual approach to inductions
How do you move safety induction online yet keep it alive? Troy Winn will talk about how he met that challenge in a presentation on Tuesday, 9 April.
Troy, who is WHS Manager for the Simonds Group, recently completed a Masters in Ergonomics, Safety and Health at La Trobe University in Melbourne. His presentation is based on research he did in the Advanced Practice Stream as part of his postgraduate degree.
Working in the construction industry, Troy and his safety team were often investing several hours a week delivering safety inductions to site supervisors before they commenced a job. A high turnover of people and projects on sites made this a demanding commitment.
Troy will talk about a project to move this training online, where his role was to produce videos. He will outline the thinking and planning behind it, as well as the particular role of videos in making the induction more engaging and effective.
His presentation will include some of his safety induction videos, along with discussion about the various ideas, steps and lessons that went into making them.

About the Speaker:

Troy Winn has been WHS Manager for the Simonds Group since 2022. Prior to that he held national safety management roles in a number of construction companies.
He spent several years as State OHS Advisor for the Housing Industry Association.
Troy has also worked in the mental health, allied health, child care and aged care sectors. His experience includes roles in safety, wellbeing, workers compensation and risk management with organisations including Mind Australia, Blue Cross Aged Care and EACH healthcare services.
Troy completed his Masters in Ergonomics, Safety and Health at La Trobe University in October 2023.

Date: Tuesday 9 April 2024
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Where: Regus Yarra Room, 50th floor, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne
How: In person or online via Zoom -the link will be sent out on the afternoon of Monday 8 April
N.B. A video recording of the session will be available on the website exclusively for financial members.
Cost: Financial members* free. Others $15
RSVP: COB Monday 8 April 2024. Online using our RSVP form
Join: Join CSG now [Individual membership fee: $85.]
*If unsure of your membership status, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
   RSVP: by Monday 8 April.
Online using our RSVP form or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone the secretary T: (03) 9387 9768 Mobile 0417 040 252
The Zoom event link will be emailed on the afternoon of Monday 8 April 2024.

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