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Recent OHS
CSG November 2023 speaker: Marilyn Hubner: Recent OHS research results

Recent Research Results

Presentation by: Dr Marilyn Hubner, Manager, OHS Body of Knowledge

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Some recent research findings in OHS and their relevance in the workplace were discussed by Dr Marilyn Hubner in a presentation to Central Safety Group on Tuesday, 14 November.

Marilyn is Manager of OHS Body of Knowledge (OHS BoK) with the Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS), which publishes collective knowledge that should be shared by generalist OHS professionals. A leading professional in safety education and training, Marilyn promotes the importance of safety professionals being engaged in evidence-based research and applying it in their workplace programs.

Her talk was followed by questions and discussion.

Further reading provided by Dr Marilyn Hubner:




The presenter:

Dr Marilyn Hubner has been developing and delivering safety training programs for over 20 years, and was appointed OHS Body of Knowledge Manager with the AIHS in January 2023. Marilyn’s background includes Managing Director of Buildup Research, and eight years as National Research and Training Support Co-ordinator for the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA). She has also been an Awards Judge with NSCA for the past 11 years. Marilyn’s PhD thesis, completed in 2016 from Victoria University, is titled "Constructing Safety Training: Foundations of Attitudes and Perceptions of the Construction Site Supervisor".

OHS Culture
in Construction
CSG October 2023 speaker:Helen Lingard

Changing OHS culture in construction

Presentation by: Professor Helen Lingard, Director, Construction Work Health and Safety Research, RMIT University

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In the past the construction industry has been known for being resistant to improvements affecting worker safety and wellbeing. However, the situation is now changing, according to Professor Helen Lingard, a leading expert in construction safety, whose research over the years has been widely translated into improved work health and safety policy and practice in the construction industry.

This was the topic of Professor Lingard’s lunchtime presentation to Central Safety Group on Tuesday 10 October. Helen discussed some of the main health and safety issues affecting workers in the construction industry, and changes in practices and culture that are now making a difference. This included some of her work on the effect of long and non-standard work hours on workers' health and wellbeing.

Her presentation was followed by questions and discussion.

The presenter:

Helen Lingard is a Distinguished Professor of Construction Management in the School of Property, Construction and Project Management at RMIT University, Melbourne. She has a PhD in construction safety, and has been with RMIT for 15 years. Having started her career working for a contracting organisation in the civil engineering sector, Helen has undertaken extensive applied research in the areas of workplace safety and workers’ health and wellbeing in the construction industry. Helen has also provided consulting services in the infrastructure, telecommunications and mining sectors. Helen has authored or co-authored numerous papers and books. Her most recent book is "Work, Health and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry", with co-author Michelle Turner, which was published in May 2023.

New Thoughts
on the Role of
CSG September 2023 speaker: David Caple: New thoughts on the role of ergonomics

New thoughts on the role of ergonomics

Presentation by: Professor David Caple AM, Centre for Ergonomics & Human Factors, La Trobe University; David Caple & Associates

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On 12 September Professor David Caple AM shared some of the key issues and new findings from two international conferences he had just attended.

The question of what systems performance is and how it can be achieved was the subject of a number of sessions at the July conference of Organizational Design and Management in Bordeaux, France.

David outlined insights from this conference on how ergonomics can adapt to improve wellbeing and systems performance across multiple industries. The conference’s aim was to provide ‘insights, revelations and recommendations’ on the role of ergonomics.

Australia’s approach to prevention of manual handling injuries was under the spotlight at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Malaysia conference in August. It included a comparative review of Australian and Malaysian approaches.

David Caple gave a presentation there on the subject of 'Sustainable ergonomics interventions to MSD risks in industries'. He outlined some successful programs in different industries in Australia and shared those with us as well.

The presenter:

Professor David Caple AM is a leading figure in occupational health and safety here and overseas, and has led his ergonomics practitioner company in Australia since 1985. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) in Australia, UK, and USA. He has advised a wide range of businesses, industry groups and public sector organisations and worked with Australian and overseas governments on work health and safety strategy. He was involved in the development of legislation relating to the prevention of MSD for the Australian government and led multiple industry-based MSD prevention projects. David was the 16th President of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) 2006-2009 and represented the IEA at conferences and meetings in 30 countries. He is currently an OHS consultant and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Ergonomics & Human Factors, La Trobe University.

CSG July 2023 speaker: Amy Lynes: Facing a rise in customer aggression

Facing a rise in customer aggression

Presentation by: Amy Lynes, Senior Workplace Relations Consultant, National Retail Association

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Retail workers are currently confronted by a trend of rising bad behaviour from customers, manifest as frustration, anti-social behaviour and aggression, which is affecting employees’ workplace safety and wellbeing.

This issue was discussed in a presentation on 11 July by Amy Lynes, Senior Workplace Relations Consultant with the National Retail Association (NRA). She spoke about the impact of customer aggression on frontline retail employees, both in large retailers and small local businesses.

The industry is focused on how to manage this trend, alongside other workplace health and safety obligations, including controlling psychosocial risks and proactively preventing sexual harassment, to keep their employees safe and properly supported.

Amy said the NRA has seen a huge increase in demand from their members for training courses on dealing with aggressive customers, as well as members accessing their guides on topics such as preventing workplace sexual harassment.

Her presentation was followed by questions and discussion.

The presenter:

Amy Lynes joined the National Retail Association (NRA) in 2022, where she is a Senior Workplace Relations Consultant. NRA is a not-for-profit peak industry body that represents the interests of over 40,000 shop fronts across Australia. Prior to that Amy, who has a law degree, led a Human Resources team for over a decade with a national retail and manufacturing business. This included overseeing areas such as learning and development, industrial relations and work health and safety.

Centre Tour
The Victorian Tunnelling Centre (VTC) at Holmesglen Institute’s Drummond Street campus in Chadstone

Site Visit: Victorian Tunnelling Centre

Presentation by: Holmesglen Institute , Drummond Street campus, Chadstone

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The Victorian Tunnelling Centre (VTC) at Holmesglen Institute’s Drummond Street campus in Chadstone offers specialist training to workers in the construction and operation of a variety of tunnels including rail, road, and utilities tunnels.

Central Safety Group was given a tour of this unique facility on Wednesday 14 June 2023.  The facility includes a replica mined tunnel and a replica rail/Tunnel Boring Machine tunnel similar to the Metro Tunnel, with a full-height entrance, two multi-purpose engineering workrooms and training facilities, including tunnel shaft and concrete lining spray simulators, as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences. A cutterhead, a refuge chamber and the only four-motion bridge and gantry crane located in a TAFE also form part of the facility.

The Australian-first tunnelling training centre is training thousands of workers as part of the Victorian Government's rail projects.Tours are designed to raise awareness of what it is like to work in tunnel construction and tunnel operations, and are led by industry experts with extensive knowledge in civil and tunnelling construction and operations, and virtual and augmented reality.​

HSRs -
in safety
CSG May 2023 speaker: Mike Craig: HSRs - partners in safety

HSRs - Partners in safety

Presentation by: Mike Craig, HSR Support Officer, WorkSafe Victoria

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Health And Safety Representatives (HSRs), elected to represent their fellow employees, along with workplace Health and Safety Committees can make an important difference to workplace safety culture and outcomes.
Mike Craig, Health and Safety Representative Support Officer with WorkSafe Victoria, discussed how Safety Managers can assist in making these workplace safety roles and relationships as productive and constructive as possible in a lunchtime CSG presentation on 9 May.
Mike spoke about his role, which includes training, coaching and providing OHS legislative advice to Victorian HSRs as well as liaising and networking with a wide range of stakeholders.
Working inside a wide variety of workplaces, Mike witnesses the positive difference in safety outcomes from good collaboration and consultation between those representing the employers and those representing the employees.
His talk was followed by questions and discussion.

The presenter:

Mike Craig has had over 13 years’ experience in the area of health and safety as a manager, HSR and safety professional dealing with workplace health and safety matters. He joined WorkSafe Victoria four years ago, and prior to that his work included roles with Medibank, Origin Energy and Telstra.

Designing a
CSG April 2023 speaker: Rosie O'Halloran: Green ergonomics

Green ergonomics: Designing a sustainable workplace

Presentation by: Rosie O’Halloran, Ergonomist, University of Melbourne

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How do you gain a green star rating for ergonomic design? We learned what’s involved from Rosie O’Halloran, an award-winning Human Factors and Ergonomics practitioner, in her presentation to Central Safety Group on Tuesday 4 April.

She presented a methodology she developed for evaluating and certifying the interior of buildings with a green star rating credit for ergonomic design. Following her success with this at the University of Melbourne, Rosie won the 2022 University Safety Association’s Safety Professional of the Year award.

Rosie said incorporating ergonomics and human factors principles and practice into the interior design of buildings comes down to three fundamental principles, and stakeholder engagement is key to getting it right. The outcome is work spaces that promote physical well-being and perceived environmental comfort.

Rosie explained that, while the green star ergonomics credit rating for interior design requires certification by a Certified Professional Ergonomist, her method offers a verified, quality benchmark that can be used with confidence by all safety personnel.

The rating is awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia for interior design that meets selected ergonomic criteria. It is given in recognition of the substantial health benefits afforded by designing spaces and interfaces that provide optimum user comfort, safety and wellbeing and prevent or limit the risk of illness or injury.

The presenter:

Rosie O’Halloran is a Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 35 years’ experience in the field as a Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) practitioner. She is employed in a part-time capacity at the University of Melbourne as well as working privately as an HFE consultant. Rosie has extensive experience in HFE across a broad range of industries. A focus of her work is designing workplace environments, systems and tasks to match the capabilities, needs and limitations of people, with the goal of maximising health, safety, wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction.

The hot
topics of
OHS today
CSG March 2023 speaker: Kevin Jones: The hot topics of OHS today

The hot topics of OHS today

Presentation by: Kevin Jones, Editor, SafetAtWorkBlog

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Some of the latest books on workplace OHS were discussed by Kevin Jones in a lunchtime presentation on Wednesday 15 March. Attendees learned about what’s new, what’s getting attention, and some of the fastest growing trends in OHS.
Kevin is internationally recognised for his commentary and analysis on safety-related matters and is involved in different areas of safety.
Some of the hot topics discussed were burnout, mental health, professional services, working hours, systems thinking and more.
The talk was followed by a question and discussion session.

The presenter:

Kevin Jones is currently a Senior Health and Safety Advisor and has been involved as a consultant and advisor in a wide range of OHS projects. For the past 15 years he has provided news, commentary and opinion on workplace health and safety in his popular award-winning SafetyAtWorkBlog ( He is a Life Member of CSG.

Recruiting &
OHS Staff
CSG February 2023 speaker: Helen O'Keefe: Recruiting and retaining OHS staff

Recruiting and retaining OHS staff in an inflated job market

Presentation by: Helen O'Keefe, Director, HOK Talent Solutions

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Like many areas of the current job scene, employers looking for quality OHS professionals are finding themselves in an inflated job market, where there are more roles available than suitable applicants.

So what’s required to attract and retain OHS talent when good candidates are spoilt for choice? What do you need to be doing differently? Some useful advice was offered by Helen O’Keefe, who runs a leading national health & safety executive search agency, at a presentation for CSG on Tuesday 14 February.

Helen spoke about the current OHS job market, giving tips for both job seekers and employers looking to recruit. She also discussed post-pandemic changes in OHS roles and where she sees new trends emerging.

The presentation was followed by a discussion with attendees.

The presenter:

Helen O’Keefe is the founder of HOK Talent Solutions, which specialises in national HSE recruitment. Helen has a passion for the health and safety industry, and had been working in recruitment for this sector before founding her own agency in 2015. Prior to this, her background includes working as National Recruitment Manager for the Australian Red Cross, and as an HR consultant with pharmaceutical company GSK.


Next Event


City Limits

CSG August 2024 event - Phil Dwyer & Carly Chambers, OHS Officers, South West Institute of TAFE, Safety beyond city limits

Safety beyond city limits

Presented by: Phil Dwyer & Carly Chambers, OHS Officers, South West Institute of TAFE
Topic: Safety beyond city limits

How: Online via Zoom only

Date: Tuesday 13 August 2024, noon
Non-Members welcome to attend

Safety beyond city limits
How do you keep in contact with safety colleagues and issues out in the country? Phil Dwyer, from regional Warrnambool in Victoria, will give us an insight into this on 13 August when he talks about regional safety networks and his own job as OHS Officer - Audit, Risk and Compliance, at multi-campus South West Institute of TAFE.
Phil is a keen member of safety networking groups: Warrnambool Area of Safety and Health Group (WASH Group) and the TAFE Safety Network Group that covers Victoria. He is also a member of Central Safety Group.
Phil and his colleague, OHS Officer Carly Chambers, will talk about how they operate, spending a great deal of time on the road keeping safety tabs on a network of diverse regional TAFE sites.
Carly and Phil are looking forward to telling their story, followed by questions and discussions from the CSG Zoom audience.

About the Speakers:

Phil Dwyer has been an OHS officer for over 10 years. He had a long career in his family’s construction firm in Warrnambool before becoming a building compliance officer at South West TAFE in 2008. He is now a Health and Safety Officer at Warrnambool TAFE.
Carly Chambers became South West TAFE OHS Officer in 2023. Prior to that, her career included being owner/operator of a local freight business and mentor/trainer at a number of hospitality establishments in Warrnambool and interstate. She has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Diploma in Management.

Date: Tuesday 13 August 2024
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
How: Online via Zoom -the link will be sent out on the afternoon of Monday 12 August
N.B. A video recording of the session will be available on the website exclusively for financial members.
Cost: Financial members* free. Others $15
RSVP: COB Monday 12 August 2024. Online using our RSVP form
Join: Join CSG now [Individual membership fee: $85.]
*If unsure of your membership status, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
   RSVP: by Monday 12 August.
Online using our RSVP form or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone the secretary T: (03) 9387 9768 Mobile 0417 040 252
The Zoom event link will be emailed on the afternoon of Monday 12 August 2024.

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