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April 2024 Presentation: A visual approach to inductions Featured

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CSG Event: April 2024
Speaker: Troy Winn, WHS Manager, Simonds Group
Check out the latest presentation from our April 2024 event, along with the full event video, now available to members.

A visual approach to inductions

Troy Winn was such an engaging speaker that you can imagine that he would be a natural when doing an induction. However, that is certainly not the case for many of us, so any tips on how to do so more effectively are certainly welcome.

As part of his Masters degree at La Trobe University, Troy tackled this issue in a really practical way at his own workplace, Simonds Homes, where induction of Supervisors is an important component of the Health & Safety team's responsibilities. The challenges are two-fold: the person conducting the induction may have come from a trades background, where they have acquired a wealth of knowledge, but may not be confident in communicating it. For the person being inducted, their learning style and literacy level may not be suited to absorbing a swathe of information.

To address this, Troy and his team developed a series of short videos (30-60 seconds), each tackling a different topic. There was a lot of trial and error, but, from the three examples Troy showed us, they seem to have created a very effective form of communication. In fact, they come across as much more effective than those expensive, slick videos that are produced by professional companies that often don't ring true. Here they used real people from their own organisation explaining important information in their own words onsite.

What's more, you don't need expensive equipment to produce your own videos - a modern smart phone will produce great results. This was just one of the messages from Troy's presentation that were very inspirational, and could be applied to any workplace.

At the end of Troy's powerpoint, included in the package, there is a long list of references that shows the depth of his research that guided him through this process. And the feedback from their supervisors? Give us more!

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