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June 2024 Presentation: How storytelling connects to safety Featured

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CSG Event: June 2024
Speaker: James Wood, Director, CNB Safe
Check out the latest presentation from our June 2024 event, along with the full event video, now available to members.

How storytelling connects to safety

It is not often we hear directly from someone who has been involved in a workplace accident -to see that person sitting in a wheelchair tells you straight away that his will be a story with impact. Indeed it was when James Wood aka Woody presented to us on the 11th June.

Woody's presentation raised a few conflicting thoughts for me. For instance, he spoke incredibly well and, for someone who has never been a safety professional, he had some powerful safety messages to share. In fact, that is what he does now: share his story and messages in workplaces all over Australia. However, he began his career as a diesel mechanic and would give anything to have been able to stay in that job he loved. While we were fortunate to have Woody as our speaker, what a terrible cost for him to be in that position.

The other challenging aspect of the talk was Woody's emphasis on personal responsibility. He explained in detail the choices he made on the day of the accident that led to those life-changing events. When talking on the topic of choices, he included those in the workplace who may or may not speak up if they see something wrong. These are all valid points, but there was very little focus on systems failures and management responsibility.

What I found most valuable from Woody's story was the perspective of an injured worker - insights that anyone involved in Return to Work should also hear. There were so many mental as well as physical challenges, and they went well beyond himself. His accident affected his family, work mates and the community. It was eye-opening to learn of the many ramifications and emotions, and it certainly had an impact on the audience on the day.

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