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November 2020 Presentation: Web safety – are you taking risks? Featured

Written by CSG Membership Secretary
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CSG Meeting: November 2020
Michael Connory, CyberCertified
Check out the video of the zoom presentation from our November 2020 meeting, now available to members.

Web safety – are you taking risks?

Every day lately there seems to be yet another report in the news about cyber crime, so Michael Connory's presentation to us, at our inaugural zoom meeting, could not have been more timely.

It was fascinating, and somewhat disconcerting, as he showed us on-screen some of the resources to track cyber crime in real time, not to mention the numerous ways we make ourselves vulnerable to attacks. This can have devastating consequences for us personally as well as for our organisations. Michael also guided us through ways to check if our passwords have been breached and other useful tools. It was a real eye-opener!

There is a lot of talk at the moment about guarding against complacency with mask-wearing; this could just as easily be a metaphor for our web safety: don't be complacent and do place barriers against potential breaches.



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