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CSG Meeting: November 2018
Greg Splatt
Check out the latest presentation from our November 2018 meeting, now available to members.


Construction safety during the boomGregg Splatt CSG Meeting November 2018 Presentation

CSG committee member Greg Splatt finished off our year of meetings with a very engaging presentation on the 13th November. 

He spoke about some of the challenges with the influx of new workers into the construction industry during the current boom. These include shortfalls with the ticketing/licensing regime where there is little verification of real skills. It is also hard for workers, who are essentially involved in a creative industry, to be engaged in a classroom situation to learn OHS. Greg outlined ways to improve SWMS to address this particular challenge.

Greg also spoke extensively about his experience with an insurance builder in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie in Queensland. There are many lessons to be drawn from these experiences that can be applied to general construction such as: how to respond to the unplanned?...Plan! During debrief, the KISS principal is applied, but in this case it refers to talking about what to Keep, Improve, Start and Stop.

There was plenty of lively discussion around the table at the end of the presentation as we delved into the parallels between post-disaster management and construction generally.


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Sunday, 28 October 2018 19:27

November 2018: Change of Venue...

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Date & Time: Tuesday 13 November 2018 at 12:00pm

Venue: Masters Builders Association, Training Room 1, 332 Albert Street, East Melbourne

Parking can be a problem in that area, but it’s easily accessible by public transport. Trams 11, 12 or 109 in Collins Street will take you to the Albert Street stop (Stop 11) which is a couple of minutes’ walk away. And it’s about 10 minutes’ walk from Parliament Station.

Construction Safety During the Boom

Greg Splatt.

Throughout Australia there is unprecedented growth in all areas of construction – commercial, civil and residential. This boom has created issues relating to knowledge, skills and competencies needed at all levels of the construction workforce.
The issue of safety in this climate will be discussed by Greg Splatt, a construction safety manager and trainer, in a lunchtime presentation for Central safety Group on 13 November.

Greg says many people are coming into the industry with the promise of long-term work, long hours and good pay packets. But without the necessary industry experiences and know-how, what risk do they present on job sites? Challenges with safety understanding and experience can also exist at supervisor and manager level.

Greg will also speak about his experiences with the unique OHS challenges during extensive construction rebuilds after major events such as cyclones and bushfires.

Note: When booking for the Event, please ensure you select the November Meeting from the dropdown list (shaded orange), to RSVP to this meeting.


Presentation Now Available
CSG Meeting: September 2018
Professor David Caple
Check out the latest presentation from our September 2018 meeting, now available to members.


Sit to stand desks: what's the verdict?

Professor David Caple is a popular annual speaker at Central Safety Group and has spoken on a range of topics. On 11 September a keen crowd attended his talk about the latest findings on the benefits of sit-stand desks. 

He talked about changes in workplace design that have brought more variety into the use of sit-stand desks. However, there is also the need for people to have a better understanding of desk height and positioning, patterns of use and the appropriate posture, at which point the presentation became interactive when he had us all up trying it out.

David also outlined current research findings that disputed some of the earlier assumptions about the benefits of using these desks – including cardiovascular benefits and alleviating shoulder and lower back fatigue.

Once again David Caple's presentation proved why his appearance at Central Safety Group is always one of the highlights of the year.


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CSG Meeting: July 2018
Les Cameron

A WorkSafe Inspector’s-eye view

We had something special in July. The group enjoyed hearing a WorkSafe Inspector’s-eye view from speaker Les Cameron, who has worked in that role for over 20 years.

Les also gave a run-down on some current priorities and events happening at WorkSafe Victoria, including this year’s relocation of its Melbourne CBD head office with several hundred roles to Geelong.

Of particular interest to the audience was Les’s account of some of the problems he’d inspected, where lack of attention to small details had led to major incidents. In other examples, he showed how careless practices or ignoring the rules had put sites in serious danger. He also talked about some WorkSafe intervention programs currently being tested.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide the presentation from this meeting. If you want to make sure you don't miss out on any of our great speakers, put the second Tuesday of the month in your calendar and come along to our meetings.


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White Paper Now Available
Standards: supporting risk management and adding business value

Our Vice-President Phil Kamay has shared this White Paper from the UK-based organisation Airmic (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce) that may be of interest to members.
The paper looks at ISO standards and how they can benefit risk management. According to Julie Graham, in her introduction to the white paper: "I remain
convinced that when they are used wisely, there is and continues to be a place for standards in the management activities of organisations - including
the activities associated with managing risk and insurance."
With several contributors to the White Paper, it covers a range of topics to support the view that standards benefit businesses and safety professionals.

As a networking group, we always welcome the sharing of ideas and latest trends from Australia and abroad. Keep the conversation going!


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Presentation Now Available
CSG Meeting: August 2018
John Naughton
Check out the latest information-packed presentation from our August 2018 meeting, now available to members.

Taming Contractor Management

John Naughton shared his experiences of working with George Weston Foods to overhaul their contractor management system and bring it into the 21st century.

Being a large organisation with multiple sites across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific engaging more than 4,000 external contractors, there were particular challenges in streamlining the multiple systems that existed. However, any sized organisation could relate to his descriptions of ad hoc manual systems with the potential for frequent safety breaches.

The centralised electronic system he developed was tailored to the users and is so much more than a database. It was built as a management and compliance tool that allows everyone in the organisation to become a contractor manager. An example is the Permit To Work system that was built from the existing procedure then improved and can now be tracked easily. As John explained, centralisation = control.

The system has resulted in many safety improvements and the business gained a 600% return on investment in just 12 months.

The meeting provoked quite a bit of discussion as attendees were keen to dig down into the details of John's successful project.

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Thursday, 28 June 2018 10:00

June 2018 Paper: David Provan

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Paper Now Available
CSG Meeting: June 2018

CSG Jun 2018 Presenter Barry Naismith

Check out David J Provan's paper mentioned in the June 2018 meeting, now available to members.

Paper mentioned by Kevin Jones at the June 2018 meeting

This paper about the role of safety professionals was hot-off-the-internet when it was mentioned at the CSG Meeting. It was written by Dave Provan, Sidney Dekker and Drew Rae and called “Benefactor or burden: Exploring the professional identity of safety professionals”. The abstract says: “Understanding the professional identity of safety professionals provides an important foundation for exploring their professional practice, and by extension, understanding organizational safety more broadly.”



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Presentation Now Available
CSG Meeting: June 2018
Barry Naismith
Check out the latest information-packed presentation from our June 2018 meeting, now available to members.
Also available: Barry Naismith's latest report for members, prior to it going public.

CSG Jun 2018 Presenter Barry NaismithThe state of OHS in Victoria

Based on his forensic research and analysis of data from WorkSafe Victoria, Barry Naismith presented some measured and thought-provoking findings to a packed room. Some findings are somewhat dispiriting, including the fact that this data can be inaccurate, shallow and lagging. Nevertheless, his presentation provided some interesting insights into trends in injury rates and claims, including mental claims.  

He also took a clear-eyed look at the current push for wellbeing programs in the workplace and how these are grabbing the spotlight from OHS.  He discussed the issue of whether wellbeing included both the physical and mental, and how we embed wellbeing into injury prevention. 

Barry concluded with a call to OHS professionals to speak out if they see a need for things to change. "Don't just leave safety leadership to the regulator in these challenging and interesting times - times that are re-shaping OHS, hopefully for the better", he said.





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Presentation Now Available
CSG Meeting: May 2018
Jason Hensel, Senior Advisor, Health and Safety, Zoos Victoria
Check out the latest presentation from our May 2018 meeting, now available to members.

Safety & the Big Cats

Jason Hensel, Senior Advisor, Health and Safety, at Zoos Victoria gave a fascinating insight into the work he has been undertaking, developing a program for working with dangerous animals. These animals are known as Category 1 Animals, because they are likely to endanger human life. Jason has been concentrating on Melbourne Zoo, where there are 20 species of Category 1 Animals. (At the Healesville site, the only Category 1 Animal is the cassowary!)

It is two years into the development of the program, which has proved to be much bigger than expected due to the many interconnected aspects. In the past, dealing with these animals relied on people making sound decisions and a number of ad hoc systems. Now this approach has been replaced with consistent streamlined processes and the introduction of engineering controls that are being tailor-made to suit this unique environment.

Jason is supported by a CEO with a strong interest in health & safety, which we all know is a key factor in successful programs.



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Presentation Now Available
CSG Meeting: April 2018
Conor Healy, Manager, Work Health and Safety, Jetstar Australia New Zealand
Check out the latest presentation from our April 2018 meeting, now available to members.

Reducing Manual Handling Injuries

Conor Healy was a very engaging speaker as he spoke enthusiastically about the program he has developed for Jetstar that has resulted in a 40% reduction in manual handling injuries and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in just two years.

He spoke about the challenges of working within a regulatory framework (CASA + airports) that make it difficult to introduce design & engineering controls. As a result he has developed a multi-pronged program that includes onsite physiotherapy, particpatory ergonomics and a radical shift in their training approach.

While acknowledging that it is early days and there is still a way to go, he is rightly proud of what has been achieved so far. He offered quite a few practical strategies in his presentation that are applicable to many industries.

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